Legal advisory

DAAN lawyers and project managers cooperate with highly qualified law and legal offices of the sector of more than 30 different countries. The aim is to provide legal support meeting the client’s requirements. In the opinion of DAAN team the final result is important, thus we offer integral solution for the client in creating business solutions and implementation of projects which involves both legal as well as tax and financial advisory.



We advise and represent our clients in all matters related to data processing and protection. We help our clients sintegrate data protection into their day-to-day activities, establish proper data processing processes and prepare the necessary internal documents, as well as contracts with partners. We also represent clients in disputes concerning the processing of data and in communication with data subjects and supervisory authorities.



The life around us is full of legal relations faced daily by physical as well as legal persons. We most often encounter relationships in law of obligations, i.e. relations between persons whereby one party is obliged to do something and the other party has the right to require the fulfilment of the obligation. The debt relation is mainly incurred based on contracts. Therefore, most legal disputes are just related to contracts. The correctly prepared contract can avoid further disputes. DAAN provides any legal assistance in all questions related to contracts. The specialists of own field represent you at the pre-contract negotiations so that you can enter the transactions at the best conditions and you would be aware of the rights and obligations related to the transaction and potential risks before entering the transaction.



The definition of commercial law is extremely wide. Each person involved in business is connected to commercial law through establishing, acquiring, managing and why not also terminating the company. There is no way that you can bypass legal sector when operating in business. The decisions regarding the company adopted in business sector are not made fast and unreasoned. To ensure the quality of one’s decisions it is never too early to use the experts of the relevant field.
DAAN provides you every support in establishing, managing and liquidation of the companies and their branches, including we help the companies to expand its business activities also across borders. Our partners help you, inter alia, to prepare, conduct and document general meetings, meetings of supervisory and management board, prepare contracts between shareholders and advise you in settling disagreements between owners and in other disputes of commercial law in extrajudicial as well as judicial procedure.



The labour law is one of the special types of contract law. The labour law specialists of DAAN’s international network represent and advise clients in a wide range of labour law issues incl
– preparing and concluding employment contracts;
– labour disputes (in court and labour dispute committee);
– issues related to the responsibility of the employee;
– preparation of internal procedure rules and other internal regulations of the company;
– conclusion of the collective agreements;
– issues related to agency employees;
– at the negotiations with the trade unions.



When entering foreign markets, the potential tax-related issues could become one of the essential topics in the country of destination.
DAAN tax specialists provide information in the questions related to taxes of the country of destination. They analyze tax risks related to your business activities, advise during audit and are ready to represent you in tax procedure and contesting of tax decisions, if required.