DAAN is a consultation bureau which consists of international law and business consultation specialists. DAAN’s goal is to support businesses both in domestic markets and internationally. Since nobody can be competent in everything, DAAN has built partnerships in more than 30 countries. Through our network we can provide our customers efficient and transparent solutions.

Team at DAAN has more than 40 years of combined experience in consultation, project management and execution. That being said our purpose is to deliver service which is the best to achieve the client’s goal. If you are already active internationally or planning to do so, DAAN can help you.

Legal services

DAAN team works together with highly qualified law firms in more than 30 countries. The end result is essential, therefore DAAN can assist you with business solutions and project management which consists of juridical, tax and financial consultation.

Project management

Starting active business in a foreign country can often be bureaucratic and complex activity. Taking into consideration that applying for different registrations, certificates and licenses assumes hours of paperwork and communication with different institutions, it’s reasonable to use local specialists services. That is why through using DAAN’s network you can solve complex tasks with ease.

Financial & business consultation and accounting

Financial and business consultation depends directly on customer’s need. DAAN can help you with conducting business plans, financials prognosis and accounting. Financial and business consultation includes both buying and sales transactions as well as due diligence services.



Over 20 years of experience in executive positions in the field of law. In-depth practical knowledge in civil law, tax law and custom law. Raul has been participated in the creation of new transit lines and factories, as well as important nationwide IT projects.

Raul Siem


Over 10 years of experience in executive positions, including conducting seminars and trainings. Expertise in tax law. Kaja has participated in different business law related projects as a consultant as well as a project leader.

Kaja Tamm

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